“Running of the Bulls” UCF Style

Rushing a sorority is a tradition carried throughout generations of southern college women. Just last Saturday hundreds of girls ran to their new homes on UCF’s Greek Park participating in what is classically known as Bid Day. Dubbed the “running of the bulls” this UCF ritual signifies the beginning of a new school year in the Greek Community.

Its no wonder bid day is treated like a holiday after the long hours that make up the recruitment process (think 9am-8pm in 102° heat…or even worse, rain). After five days of getting to know the eleven chapters on campus the girls decide on the top three sororities they felt the most comfortable with. The next morning they gather in a building adjacent to Greek Park and all at once every girl opens her bid day envelope to see which sisterhood she will call her own. It is then that hundreds of girls run down Greek Park to their new sisters waiting to greet them with excitement. Also present at this event are many of UCF’s fraternity brothers eager to see the new addition to the Greek Panhellenic Community.

While the roads on campus are closed for this event, if you were to walk by this controlled chaos there is a guarantee you’d be greeted with loud music coming from every house, witness hours of picture taking, and see numerous bright banners hanging from the houses welcoming each and every new girl to the Greek Community. Let a lifetime of memories and bonding begin…

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