Mobile Banking Leading to the End of Bank of America’s Drive-Through Teller Banking Lanes

America is turning to technology for just about everything these days. However, there is less dependence on the desktop for online needs, as most people rely on smartphones. Mobile Banking has become a prominent app and the number of mobile banking users continues to rise.

With all these advances, Bank of America decided to close its drive-through teller lanes across the country.

According to Aite Group, 33 million smartphone users used mobile banking in 2012, and the numbers will continue to increase in the years to come. The reduction in the usage of the drive-through teller lanes initially started with the increase of direct deposits instead of employers distributing paychecks to their employees.

Today, one-sixth of Americans use mobile banking apps. Mobile banking apps allow people to pay bills, make money transfers, deposit checks by simply taking a picture of a check, and to check multiple account balances within minutes, saving time and gas.

According to NPR, some Bank of America banks and branches with drive-through banking lanes from Georgia to Texas have already closed their teller lanes. However, not all of the drive-through banking lanes will close.

Nicole Nastacie, Bank of America spokeswoman, said that drive-through teller service will be discontinued at branches where the use of the drive-through lanes is low. Bank of America said that the closing of these lanes will not result in the drive-through tellers losing their jobs. Instead, they will work in other services.

Bank of America customers will still have access to ATMs and more ATMs are expected to be built. Drive-through ATMs are expected to be built in place of teller lanes, according to Bank of America.

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