Samsung’s the Gear, the Watch of the Future

Remember those futuristic movies you used to watch, where the characters were adorned with the most advanced gadgets you could imagine? In a matter of three weeks one of those high tech gadgets will become a reality. Samsung has developed a new smart watch called the Gear, and while this isn’t the first smart watch to be developed, it is very unique from its predecessors.

The Gear is a stylish watch that comes in a variety of wristband colors, ranging from tan to bright orange. The new hot commodity, links with the Samsung Galaxy’s smartphones and tablets; the device has the ability to alert users when they receive a call, text or email. The focus when creating the smart watch was to allow users to keep their phones in their pockets, not having to pick it up at all. Consumers use solely their voice to make calls, dictate emails, set alarms and check the weather. If the text or email is too long to read on the Gear, the consumer can simply open their phone and a feature called Smart Relay will display whatever was being viewed on the watch.

The Gear can also shoot both video and photos; it includes a pedometer and also has the ability to make a distinctive beeping noise when misplaced. There are already over 70 apps available for the Gear, and while it is only compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note III for the time being, updates for older devices are coming soon.

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