The Paradox: Respect Your Elders but Ask For Your Own Space

Ever had that grumpy neighbor? The one that would never like the weather even at a crisp and breezy 72. Well welcome to the world of retirement and nothing to do. Sorry old man, don’t mean to bother you with my music at 5:30 in the afternoon. I know it may be getting close to your bedtime but some of us still live without prune-laden shakes in the morning. Get off my back! Seriously, when I get to be an older man, I know that I won’t see the youth as a peer any more but I know I’ll still understand the mindset at the very least.

Nothing but respect for the people who have lived twice my years and are still here to talk about it. They are the ones through which wisdom flows like an untapped spring; the ones who spread guidance upon any who choose to lend an ear. With all of this respect in mind, I still must ask one thing of my elders, please be aware that not all of us are as bored and angry as most of you. We, I’m talking those under 40, are still trying to have a good time. To those of us who were raised to respect our elders, we choose to have a good time in the most unobtrusive and respectful way possible. With our willingness to abide by your time schedule, at least give us the benefit of the doubt in letting the party go on during reasonable times and situations.

No, we don’t want to pull doughnuts in your yard while blaring AC/DC. But we do want to be with friends and make a little noise while the noise making is good. Let us be what you once were in the days of the all-present “sock-hop”. Please quit hating the youth because of the vitality you no longer have. We love you. We respect you. And we kindly ask you to get off our back when the good times are rolling.


Generation X

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