San Fransisco beats Carolina Panthers and heads toward NFC Championship against the Seattle Seahawks

On Sunday 10/12/2014, The San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers played against each other in the play offs to decide who was going to play the Seattle Sea Hawks for the NFC championship. Today’s game had some very exciting match ups. Both teams have “Run n’ Gun” Quarterbacks with Colin Kaepernick from the 49ers and Cam Newton from the Panthers. Both Quarterbacks are exciting to watch but what made this game extremely appealing is that both teams very good defenses. Also both teams have good receivers including the very athletic Steve Smith from the Panthers and Anquan Boldin from the 49ers. I was rooting for Cam Newton and the Panthers to defeat the 49ers and in the second quarter I believed they were going to do it when they were leading the score 10-6.  However, hen the second half started, the 49ers defense became unstoppable and that the Carolina Panthers were just playing like a different team. The 49ers were able to score 10 more points through out the second half while the Carolina Panthers couldn’t register a single point. I just felt like it wasn’t meant to be for the panthers because not only were they not able to even come close to scoring, but the referees seem to be missing a lot of calls. over all it was a decent game but nothing out of the ordinary. Although the game was very physical, it seem to be lacking urgency from the players and it was pretty dull to watch. However this proves to be a very interesting match up for the NFC east title with the 49ers and the Sea hawks battling it out. With that being said I hope Seattle is able to win next weekend.

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