Surveillance Cameras to Combat Crime in Local Cities

Many local Central Florida cities and towns such as Winter Springs will be installing cameras on local streets to work proactively to stop crimes that are happening in public. Cameras, like these have been used in finding the culprits to the Boston Marathon bombing earlier last year.

The cameras that had been installed in the Boston street corners successfully recorded images of the two males that dropped a backpack near the street corner of where the bomb was set off. The males were identified and correctly traced back to their exact location. They were then followed and brought into custody.

Winter Springs and other locals cities aren’t hoping these cameras will need to be used for these kinds of reason, but instead to fight local crime such as burglaries and small disturbances.

This will also save quite a bit of money from hiring on-duty police officers to walk along these roads at late times of the night. These camera being installed also include facial recognition software, much like the cameras that were used to find the culprits of the Boston Marathon bombing.

Residents of Winter Springs have mixed feelings about the cameras being used to protect their city. Some believe they will save quite a bit of money, for the exact same job being done. While others think the cameras are a breach of privacy.

My personal opinion on these cameras is proactive. If a citizen wants to do something in public that only he can see, he should do this in his/her own private residence. A public space is public and therefore should be able to be recorded. You don’t have to worry about what you are doing in the eye of these cameras as long as you aren’t doing anything illegal.

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