Schools are Cutting PE: Obesity Rates Will Continue to Rise

Across the country, school districts are cutting physical education. There are many financial factors that may be attributing to the tightening of schools budgets, however, physical education should not be cut from schools. I always hear the cliche phrase, “Americans want everything to be bigger.” And for the most part, I don’t have a problem with this phrase. It’s ok to want a lot as long as you are working hard to get it, however, one thing that needs to become smaller for Americans, is the American waste line. Everyone around the world knows that America has the highest obesity rate. Attribute our high obesity rates to whatever factors you want, they vary from person to person and situation to situation however their are some common underlying factors that have our culture overweight.  The importance of being healthy has to stem from early on-set. We must educate our children on the importance of both eating well and a exercising. Physical Education is crucial in helping develop good habits as far how to exercise and what activities are best for exercising. I do understand that their is a mentality to that sometimes accompanies physical education or PE as a easy class or “blow-off class.” Because PE is sometimes categorized this way, it is easy for  school districts to cut physical eduation programs. This is exactly what shouldn’t happen. School districts need to re-committ to physical education. Mandate an agenda if you want to ensure a specific circullum, but do not cut phyiscal education programs for our kids. Along with the  physcial aspect of PE, nutrition based information should also be taught to our children. It is important that we are teaching our future the importance of eating proper nutrion. America, the land of fast food restraunts and busy schedules can not be an excuse for America’s epidemic.

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