The Benefits of Robots in Surgery

Would you like shorter recovery time in the hospital, smaller incisions during surgery, and less pain? Intuitive Surgical created the da Vinci System to make surgery a less invasive and less painful procedure for patients.

What does the da Vinci System look like? The robot has four ergonomic arms, which three of the four arms hold tools for 1-2 cm incisions and surgery inside the body. The fourth arm has an endoscopic camera with two lenses that gives the surgeon 3D high definition images. The surgeon sits at a separate console that he/she looks into a magnified 3D monitor to maneuver the master controls to perform precise incisions and optimal surgery. The hand movements and instruments are scaled in real-time and to fit the patient’s body. The third piece to the da Vinci System is a monitor tower that houses the CPU and a 3D high definition interactive screen for the entire surgical team to view. The da Vinci System can be used for surgeries in urology, gynecology, cardiothoracic, general surgery, colorectal, and head and neck. Not only does the system provide accuracy and precision, but it also illuminates hand trimmers in surgeries whereas traditional surgery this was a problem among others. According to one patient from Pompano Beach who had his kidney removed stated, “After surgery I did not experience pain at all, and 35 days later I was riding my motorcycle as normal.” The da Vinci provides shorter recovery time, smaller incisions, less pain and allows patients to return to their normal lifestyles.

Although there are many benefits da Vinci offers for the patient and surgeons there are some disadvantages too. One disadvantage that Surgeon Hiep Nguyen mentions is cost. He states, “The system is very expensive because only one company makes it right now. We need more competition to drive down price.” However, the system may be costly, but if a hospital’s missions is to look after the patient’s health than cost should not be a problem

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