Self-Driving Cars to Take Over Car Market

While watching the news, the one story that caught my attention was the fact that Nissan was working on a self-driving car.  This is absolutely surprising news to me, even though technology continues to grow extremely fast.  The fact that cars are becoming more and more robotic scares me.  Technology always has issues and it always will.  They are creating this form of car to try and prevent accidents because human beings aren’t perfect and make mistakes, such as texting while driving or driving under the influence.  However, they must know that all forms of technology, no matter how advanced, will eventually encounter glitches and/or problems.  These glitches, whether small or large, could potentially cause a crash and cost a person’s life.

According to CNN, Nissan spokesmen say that this self-driving car will be released in 2020.  That’s only if the car company decides to stick with their plan.  There are several other car companies such as Volvo and Mercedes Benz who are planning the same concept of a self-driving car.  There are a few models of cars out already that include a small form of this technology, such as those that have a rear-view camera that detect objects that are close or those models that can parallel park themselves.  As fascinating as this invention is, people still have to worry about the consequences of having cars capable of doing basically everything by themselves.  I am very interested in the outcome of how these cars turn out and whether or not they are actually efficient.

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