The Sudden Death of Peter Hernandez Due to Drinking and Driving

Peter Hernandez was a young man like any other. I use to ride the bus with him to my high school, Somerset Academy. Actually, at one point I had a little crush on him. His brother, Danny, was the crazy, dare devil one. Peter on the other hand was more to himself; he was a funny guy but he always laughed from a far.
When he graduated high school I did not talk to him much anymore. My last memory of being with him was when I was in high school and he drove me home from a party because let’s just say I wasn’t in the best condition to be driving. The irony is that Peter actually lost his life because of drunk driving. He got into the accident 2 days ago, the doctor pronounced that he was brain dead today, and he is being pulled off life support tomorrow. Who would have thought that this would all happen so soon? Everyone knows that these stories exist but nobody really stops to think that it could happen to them or a loved one.
Due to that one night of Peter deciding to gamble his life, Peter’s family and close friends won’t sleep for days, they will cry for years to come, and he will soon be but a memory for all those who loved him once. He gambled his life, and he lost. I’m sure that he thought to himself “I’ll get home this time like the other times,” but he didn’t. Although we weren’t too close, I was heart broken by the news of one so young that I use to know being taken away so sudden. This is a terrible yet effective wake up call for all those around to not drink and drive. My parents have always told me it is better to get home late than to not get home at all. My prayers go out to his family and may this be a lesson to all.

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