Selfie taking has taken over


Remember back in the old days when in order to see photos that you had taken, you had to drop them off at a photo center and come back days later to pick up your prints? Those days are now long gone. With the technology that we’ve been privileged enough to come in contact with over the past few years we can literally take any photos, anywhere, at any time and have them right at our fingertips. Smart phones and all of the applications that are available to us make photography easy as one, two, and three! In recent times, the art of “selfie-taking” has become increasingly more popular. I came across this article discussing how 24-year-old Bhanu Prakash quit his job as a medical research assistant at a hospital to take on the challenge of breaking the world record of the most selfies taken in an hour. The record is currently set at 1700 actual photos of ones-self done in just 60 minutes. Prakash says that he has been doing multiple hand and wrist exercises to prepare his self-taking taking technique for the ultimate showdown where he will attempt to take 1800 selfies in just one hour. Prakash is from Hyderabad, India and says that his inspiration stemmed from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s record of taking 105 selfies in under 3 minutes. I found this article to be quite amusing as “selfies” are such a brand new concept to our technologically savvy world. I bet 10 years ago we would have never thought this to be something so prevalent in society today! I’m sure it will only get worse and/or more comical from here on out.


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