Should Society Look Up To Celebrities?

Who are we, as a society, supposed to look up to?

The rich? The famous? The powerful?

As more and more negative light is shone upon these people, it is harder now than ever to view this select few as role models.

The recent death of Philip Seymour Hoffman affirms that the rich and famous should not be a group to look up to. The actor, like many others, died of an accidental drug overdose that included cocaine and heroine.

Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Wiz Kalifa rap and sing about using and abusing drugs and alcohol.  These performers’ target audiences include high school and college age kids.

Artists are influencing the next leading generation. College aged youngsters are listening to these songs and start to think that drugs and alcohol mean success. The more money one earns, the more drugs and alcohol one can buy.

Drugs and alcohol are too easy to acquire for these influential people. Not all actors are negative influences but, a number of celebrities have recently passed away due to drug or alcohol abuse.

Many celebrities endorse charities and good causes. However, these efforts are seldom broadcasted as headlines. Stars like Angelina Jolie work closely with charities to better the lives of others.

So why then does the media focus on the negative aspect of the rich and famous?

As a society, we are more interested in negative news than positive news. Negative headlines sell more papers and stories.

Is it societies’ fault for idolizing this group of people?

Or is it this group of people that need to change for society to idolize them?

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