The Many Benefits of Doing An Internship During Your College Years

I personally have not started an internship yet but I do believe that it is a great opportunity that every college student should take advantage of. When you’re done with your General Education classes in the first two years of your college years, you will move onto classes that are more hands on and trust me, they are so much better! Gone were the days that you had to take pointless Math and Science classes. After all, we are Radio/Television Majors, we’re no good in Math. At least that’s what a wise professor once told me here at UCF. I have just started my first hands-on classes and I’m loving it.

I feel that I have already learned so much more in half of this semester than I did all last semester with my intro classes. I am a firm believer that you need to jump right in and do things in order to learn and progress. Hands on is the best method for me to learn with and it has sparked so much inspiration in me. I feel like I really needed that; it’s never a bad thing to be reminded that something you are working for is exactly what you want and enjoy. I think it’s hard for students to stick to their majors sometimes because at this point in our lives, every thing seems so temporary. It’s scary to think of a commitment that is going to be there for the rest of your life.

If hands-on classes have done so much for me, I can only imagine what I am going to feel when I start an internship. I feel like I am going to be over-loaded with so much interesting information and I think it’s really healthy to picture yourself in the positions of the people that you see or are working with at the internships because it motivates you to do better and look towards your future with excitement. Not only are internships a great tool for learning but if you’re good you can build so many connections with people who can get you a job when you graduate school. Not to mention that there are paid internships out there for people like you and me to take advantage of. Those are a little more rare but the point is that internships are great opportunities and nobody in college should graduate without participating in one because they have so much to offer you!

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