Should we pay for the sexual activities of Sandra Fluke?

                Obama’s contraception poster child, Sandra Fluke has been consistently finding the spot light and becoming a major player in Mr. Obama’s campaign. Ms. Fluke, the face of liberal extremism, proclaims that all American tax payers should be required to pay for her sexual activities. She and Mr. Obama want to mandate that all employers provide contraception for all employees for free! This mandate would be an addition to his health care plan. Birth control pills can be as inexpensive as $9.99 per month. The organization “Planned Parenthood” gives birth control pills out for free even!

                Ms. Fluke is a law student at Georgetown University (a Catholic university). Ms. Fluke evidently is a genuine person.  She has helped at risk families in New York City. She is dating the son of a prominent democratic benefactor. She also has been a strong constructive activist. There is nothing wrong with this, good for her.  She and her boyfriend went off to California on a fun spring break trip, yet she doesn’t have ten dollars per month to spend on her own sexual activities? This makes me question her credibility. I’m confused.. . It seems like a ruse doesn’t it?  She and the liberals claim that it is a health care issue. In actuality it is a constitutional issue. To make contraception handouts compulsory would directly violate the constitution because it infringes upon religion.

                The main issue I have with this is the blatant disregard for other people. Ms. Fluke’s attitude is so deplorably entitled! If the government starts here with this issue, which really should be a sensitive and private issue, where will it lead? If the government starts with this and the people of the United States are receptive to it, it will give them so much autonomy they may abusive it and infringe on our liberties even further.  With a quick glance this story looks as though Obama is advocating for women’s right and liberties, but in reality he is advocating for a nanny state, or an entitlement atmosphere in America. This is what he is campaigning with for November. We have the all-time highest deficit with $229 billion added in the month of February (in 29 days). And now Ms. Fluke and those alike want to raise that, and have the already burdened citizens with high gas prices and ever rising living conditions, pay for their sexual activities without cause.

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