TV Show “X Factor” Lose Two Judges; Who Will Replace Them?

I am a huge fan of “X Factor” which is a television show similar to American Idol.  Unlike “X Factor”, American Idol has gained immense audience ratings because it has been around for years now.  X Factor is now going into its second season and in order to build a bigger audience the executive producer “Simon Cowell” has took the initiative to fire Nicole Swarchenegger and Paula Abdul.  It was clear after watching the first season that he was never satisfied with their judgement.  Now, the producer’s have thought about considering Britney Spears as a judge, which would not only increase ratings but bring a better opinion to the show.  Britney Spears has been an inspiration to millions around the world and she has plenty of experience to be the judge of different voices.  She knows her stuff and would be a wonderful asset to the judge panel.

The producers have not yet come to a conclusion to who will be the second replacement but I am almost positive they will be a suitable choice for the judge panel.  The X Factor is known as the “sister” of American Idol although it still has ways to go if they want to beat American Idol’s audience ratings.  Simon Cowell certainly knows his stuff when it comes to artists and producing music.  The original X Factor began in the United Kingdom and after American Idol, Cowell decided to bring the hit show over to the United States.  Ever since then, I have not been more content with this decision.  In my opinion, the show is much better than American Idol.  It consists of different rules and guidelines for the contestants.  For instance, on American Idol it is usually based off guys and girls and they all compete individually against one another.  Where as X Factor, they are all separated off and given a mentor (each judge is given a group to mentor).  When I say group I mean each person or group artists are broken off; for example, groups, over 30’s, boys, and girls.

The show gives the audience a different feel for the viewers.  The judges mentor each of their groups into the singer they are meant to be.  Although American Idol pretty much began the evolution of singing contest shows, the X Factor is right behind it.  With a brand new season coming soon, American Idol will continue its final season and X Factor will just be the start of something new and more entertaining for viewers.

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