Silver Moon Drive-In Theater Review

Welcome to the Silver Moon Drive-In Theater!! This wonderful little gem is located in Lakeland Florida and boasts the claim to be the last drive-in theater in all of Polk county. Open since April 14, 1948, Mr. Spears can still be found at the ticket booth on some evenings to greet you and sell tickets. This charming gentleman can tell just to look at you when its your first time to the drive-in.

Two screens with two or three showing per night (sometimes the same film in matinee and evening). You pay just 4$ per person to park where you like and listen either through your car speakers on a closed network radio station or via speaker boxes extended from posts every two spaces that latch to your car’s window. Bring your own picnic or purchase concessions at the nostalgia decorated dinner. The staff is friendly, the food is good and the lineups are always entertaining. Silver Moon has thought of everything, in fact, they have a truck on location during showings from the local tow company specifically for the case of cars batteries dying, just so they are sure all their customers have a good worry free time and get home safe.

Customer Review:

“I visited the drive-in for the first time on my birthday this year, a surprise gift from a friend. We brought home-made casserole and later got popcorn and hot cocoa from the concessions. They were playing a triple showing that night, Frankenwienie, Hotel Transylvania and Finding Nemo. When we arrived and realized the tickets were so low priced we assumed we would need to pay to see each film separately and would be glad to do so (seeing as thats still less than the cost of a regular theater ticket). What a surprise it was to find that covered the whole evening’s showings! I am definitely a fan and will absolutely be planning more trips back.”

Check out for show times and directions, and don’t forget to pack the pillows and blankets, and maybe some bug spray. It is Florida after all.

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