We’re supposed to do what on that computer?

Our generation has been dubbed many names such as the iGeneration or Generation X or something along the lines of a tech-savvy named generation. With these names comes a standard on how others outside of that generation believe we should act and the knowledge we should have. When this generation of teenagers and young adults started heading towards the workforce, many employers believe we came equipped with the complete workings of all technological devices. I think the truth lies in that we are less educated on the important matters of technology compared to the time we have spent using them.

Whatever generation you want to call us, the people born inside of the arena of the internet, mobile phone usage and social media, don’t all know much more than that. There are tech-savvy, passion-for-technology lovers and enthusiasts who can build their PC’s from scratch, can fix their smartphones with their tools, know graphic design and HTML, and who use all the neat features their device brings them. But I can confidently say that for the majority of us inside of this cluster, no we are not tech-minded people. We use social media, we make calls and send photos through our phones, we download music and movies and use our computers like a fun-machine. So, coming into school or the workforce, we are thrown computers our way and are assumed to know how to complete various tasks on it. And as a student, unless our major consists of various computer editing and recording techniques, such as my major does, then someone may never be educated on how to use such programs and complete these tasks. Thankfully, companies all over have realized the importance of social media so there is always that position open but the reality of this supposed computer-mastered age and cluster of people is that, when it comes to completing important jobs we aren’t aware of the total functions of our machines.

There are, of course, the ones who do and they will definitely snag those important positions right in front of us.

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