Sixty Years Since the Civil Rights Movement Began, Yet Blacks Still Seek Justice

A jury acquitted two more deputies for the murder of a nigerian college student. This ruling came despite the overwhelming evidence of abuse the student suffered. The judicial system tried to appease the public outcry by convicting the officers on lesser charges.

The corrupted deputies, serving a corrupt system, were found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter, apparently the jurors must have been blind. However, this is nothing new for blacks, because true justice has yet to be given.

St. Augustine said that, “an unjust law is no law at all”, and this definitely qualifies. Something has to be done about this brutality to human beings. That is what these people are; human beings. It is open season on black men, more has to be done than organizing rallies to end this, we can no longer sit by idly while our oppressor’s take the lives of black men and women.

The lives of blacks matter just as much as the lives of whites or any other race. We have to ignore the palliatives offered by society in an attempt to deny the justice we deserve and demand. We as black people have to look within for solutions. we cannot expect those who do not understand our plights to help us find solutions. In short, we cannot expect those that oppress to help our people end their oppression.

Finally, we must have the audacity to believe we are more than what society has told us we are. We are a race of men and women that has been denied respect. That lack of respect must come to an end, by any means necessary.

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