The Hit TV Show “Friends” Hits its 21st Year Aniversity. To Celebrate We Bring You Our Favorites Memories From the Show!

Wow, has it been that long since the mega-hit TV show aired? 21 years! That’s one person being legal to drink by now -As Chandler (Matthew Perry) would say.

This show brought laughs to everyone’s home back in the day and I, myself, am one who still watches the show thanks to Netflix streaming all the season, which are 10- that’s a 10 year run for a show, very well-deserved. Every season came with new characters, new storylines, and new looks for the characters, all new styles to keep the series interesting.

“Friends” was famous for being a hilarious show about 6 friends living in New York, going through life’s ups and downs, dating issues, everyday troubles but looking at it all from a funny perspective. 

To understand the show, here we give you a brief summary of what each main character in the show brings in:

Rachel- the typical American girl next door, she’s blonde with light eyes, amazing body, gorgeous face, she’s literally perfect. She takes advantage of that, because she usually gets what she wants just for smiling. 

Ross- oh Ross, poor guy. He got divorced because his wife cheated on him with another woman. But he’s fine but he secretly loves Rachel but doesn’t know how to admit it.

Phoebe- she’s definitely the funniest one out of all them. She has such an easy-going personality, but sometimes she could go off the rails because she’s all peace and love.

Chandler- the most sarcastic person on this planet probably. He has bad luck with the ladies, he usually try to figure out how to approach without being awkward.

Monica- the OCD of the group. She wants thing to be a certain way all the time, but she does it with love. She is also the chef of the group so they all love to go to her apartment for food.

Joey- hands down the most gullible guy ever. He always thinking of the dumbest things but it is so funny because the rest of the group gets frustrated with all his sayings.

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