So Connected and All Alone

One of my biggest pet peeves is the constant need of many people to be on their cellphones or laptops.  If I go out to a restaurant with friends, I expect to interact with them, catch up, tell stories, jokes, talk about their interests, find out what they have planned, how work is going, etc.  But if I look around me, many people are taking pictures of their food to upload to Facebook or they are texting their friends.  Well guess what, who are the people you are sitting with?!!!  Your friends, talk to them now when you are with them, interact with your other friends later.  I took time out of my day to spend time with you, not with your cellphone and the Internet.  I pay for my meal for my enjoyment, not for the enjoyment of someone I barely know to crave as they sit lazily in front of their computer screen.

I understand having your phone and answering a call if it is an emergency, but texting your girlfriend can wait thirty minutes until we are done eating.  She wouldn’t want to go out and watch you play on your phone during dinner, would she?  I sure hope not.

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