Is your smart phone actually hindering social interaction?

The very first article, “In the beginning was the word” really got me thinking. The way people read and the reasons people read have changed dramatically over time. Growing up I was taught to read through books, but these days I see tons of kids who read via iPad or Tablet. The internet and advances in technology have changed our society entirely. People have become so accustomed to being “plugged in” to their devices, social media, and texting that it’s a problem for a lot of people to disconnect and be without their phones.

I believe the most popular feature of a smart phone/smart device is its convenience, which is a great advancement. But I think people have started to rely on this convenience entirely too much. These days’ people cannot break away from their technology and social media long enough to enjoy the real world. I think these social devices are in fact hindering real social interactions and are starting to negatively affect the social skills of many individuals.

Anywhere you go you can find people plugged into their iPods or staring at their phones. I see couples on dates all the time who don’t even speak to each other because they are browsing their Facebook’s. It’s becoming too common for people to use their phones as an excuse for poor communication skills in everyday life. Smart devices have made people more focused on pleasing themselves rather than disconnecting, and connecting with others.

I’m just skeptical to see how growing advances in technology will change the way people interact in the future. Will we be living in a world where the only social interaction happens through a screen?


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