what is next BIG social media site?

Modern technology has evolved in the past decades to a critical point. Social media is the leading identity for someone to express themselves intellectually, express frustration, or blogging about their everyday life. With each tweet, Facebook like and post, people tend to share ideas and thoughts within friends and strangers; even corporate companies found ways to monopolize from the social media trend.

MySpace was the first successful social media that show potential in social networking. This experience was new to the twenty-first century; reminiscing on countless hours looking at friends random posts, finding the “perfect” layout and deciding to whom invite or decline on my friends list was addictive.  Until people began to move on to the next “BIG” thing.

AKA: Facebook.

Facebook was different than anything anyone experience, Facebook early years was about simplicity. College dropout Mark Zuckerberg created the new trend to follow in the social media world in his college dorm. This social media was an improvement from the dinosaur Myspace.  Facebook availability to keen into someone personal life without invading someone’s private was the main focus due to the user willingness to provide the information.

Twitter is the current competitor of Facebook; Twitter has grown in the short amount of time of its existence. Twitter is known for famous celebrities “go to” social media to express and interact with their followers. Personally, I don’t tweet as much as I click “like” button but tweeting is mainstream that individual use to be in touch with real time events. No one exactly knows what will be the next big social media to appear but in my opinion, Youtube is becoming the next BIG social media phenomenon that respectability has establish itself since 2005 by making amateur bloggers to famous entertainers.

So I ask you, what is the next BIG social media site?

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