Sochi Security: Putin’s Pet Project

Vladimir Putin’s reputation is at stake when it comes to the Winter Olympics this year. Putin has promised security for the athletes and visitors this Olympics while under the threat of terrorism from Muslims extremists. This coming after bombings killed scores of people in Volgograd. Unlike most heads of state, Putin has personally assured the safety of the Games on behalf of the entire country, arguably making the games a bigger target as Putin’s reputation and image would be harmed if an attack were to take place against his behest.

Putin continuing to be the head of state despite accusations of fraudulent voting and murky political movements have put the Russian Governments legitimacy in doubt. Corruption seems to run rampant under Putin’s leadership, though it comes to no surprise as ex-KGB personnel continue to run the government. Separatist extremist continue to operate all over Russian in a vein attempt to gain independence from the former USSR. Putin’s interest personal interest in the games has only intensified the separatist objective by giving them a target to erode Putin’s already waning support as the head-of-state. Hopefully the world’s athletes and supporters will not be in the line of fire in what should be a politically internal matter.

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