Is FIFA the world’s soccer institution or a private company?

As the world media but specially the European media has been announcing for the past months over and over, the FIFA Balon d’Or 2013 awards was celebrated the past week on January 13th in Zurich, Switzerland. The European media kept on commenting about the duel between the three biggest soccer players at this time, but specially focusing on Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.

The Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo and current player in Real Madrid F.C got elected as best player in 2013 over the two earlier mentioned players who play for Barcelona (Messi) and Bayern Munich (Ribery).

Cristiano Ronaldo already won the Balon d’Or in 2008, and apart of that arrived second on the world voting behind Messi during 2009, 2011 and 2012. The trophy was given by the soccer legend Pele and very excited with his son next to him, Cristiano received the prize.

Now I will analyze this event from my point of view and how I see it (As a Real Madrid fan, but also investigator of the media and the “mafias” that are involved with, and the benefits behind it, essentially…money)

So a few months ago, there was a huge issue made by the media but that actually happened. This event was based when Blatter (President of the FIFA) was asked to say which player was the best according to his opinion among Cristiano and Messi. He decided to make a “weird” imitation of Cristiano as a soldier, and compared with Messi saying he was the best. Of course this was not good for Blatter and FIFA’s reputation, so he apologized several times in front of the cameras. When Cristiano reacted by saying “yeah that is how the FIFA treats me…”

Nowadays, a few months after that happened, by coincidence or maybe not that coincidence, Cristiano is elected the best player in 2013. But I am sure they did not do this in order to improve the scratched image of the Blatter and the FIFA……

A few hours later Cristiano was elected as the champion, an interview realized by ESPN to Qatar’s national soccer coach undiscovered that some manipulation was done regarding the voting process for the Balon d’Or award.

According to the Qatar’s coach “I was told by my president to vote for Ronaldo to help Blatter clean up his image as a token of apretiation for bringing the world cup here”

So until here you make your own thoughts about it…my own thoughts are that the FIFA is just a private company that uses soccer as its product in order to catch the most bills possible!


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