Collegiate Canine: A Student’s Life with a Pup

Sam… She’s about as rowdy as they come. Samantha or “Sammy” as my friends affectionately refer to her; she’s my German Shepard. Samantha is one of my biggest stresses, and my biggest joys all at the same time. She’s my roommate.

Five years ago she showed up in my living room. I was in high school at the time, still living at home with my parents. She was just a little ball of fur with paws bigger than her head. My parents were just as taken by her as I was. But soon, the New Puppy Syndrome had worn off and they decided that it was better if Sam was an outside dog. She was sent outside, against my wishes, and I went out twice a day to feed her and keep her company.

Freshman year of college brought about all the bad Ju-ju and the household I once knew came crumbling about as fast as my parents’ 20 year marriage. Everything was to be moved, including the dog; except…she had nowhere to go. All in one day I drove back home, took Sam to the vet and together we found a new home.

We found a suitable apartment and settled in…after the $300 pet fee (non-refundable of course). Other expenses included Heartworm preventative ($60), Flea preventative ($40), and a 50 pound bag of dog food ($22. Say goodbye to that in a few weeks). It’s amazing how quickly living on your own teaches you responsibility. Living with a dog puts that feeling on steroids. It’s filled with many nights of trying to get home early to walk the dog and wipe the hair off the bed. While I would never suggest this life to any other college student; it’s worth it to have her safe and happy with me.

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