Social Media Puts Greek Life on Hold At UCF

Today the Student Development and Enrollment Services sent an email that changed the face of Greek Life at UCF for the rest of the semester, and maybe the rest of the year. As of today all social fraternities and sororities are prohibited from holding social, new member education or initiation activities.

In my opinion this was bound to happen. In the rise of all the issues with Greek Life at UCF, I feel this probation is for the best because it’s putting a halt to all of the madness before it gets worse. This past semester UCF greek fraternity Sigma Chi released a photo of pledges going through membership initiation. In the photo pledges were shown blind folded and having alcohol poured down there throats by members and others were shown throwing up. Prior to this incident Sigma Chi was under investigation last year for serving alcohol to minors after the death of 18 year old Ann Heffarin.

Greeks should not be surprised or upset with anyone else but themselves. For one hazing in any way shape or form is unacceptable, but if they choose to haze then they shouldn’t be taking pictures and posting them on the internet. I believe in today’s day and age people get their own selves in trouble through social media. I can’t even begin to tell you the number of individuals I know who post pictures of themselves consuming alcohol illegally, smoking weed, or even posing with weapons. Actions like this is why employers check social media when reviewing applicants, especially young people. If people were more mindful of the way they use social media then maybe people wouldn’t find themselves in so much trouble.

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