Is Google Destroying The Financial Success Of Literature?

Google can easily be stated as the most successful and used website search engine in the entire world. In retrospect, it is the “engine” that makes the entire internet run. Although this seems like nothing but a positive invention for society at organizing content, many writers will argue that it’s destroying the financial success of journalism as we know it. Google has made mass quantities of information easily accessible and most importantly completely free to all those who seek it. With this, google makes a large profit from advertising and the fees websites pay to be distributed on it, while websites themselves make much less or sometimes nothing at all. By making it extremely simple to search any subject at any time, people are less likely to purchase newspapers and magazines to find out whats going on in the world or the juicy gossip of celebrities- they can just search it online and find out for free. As stated in Article 17 of Mass Media, “Information Wants to be Free, but this is false when the referral of the information makes money and creators of the content get the scrapes”. This theory has truth behind it, but in the current technology driven direction our world is headed in, journalists will know that search engines are the only true way people will reach and connect to what they write, causing google to continually expand and become the powerhouse for all journalistic content as we know it. Will it cause newspapers to cease to exist? That’s a question only the future can answer.

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