The Six Steps Towards Better Communication

Newton N. Minow has some revolutionary ideas as he did while serving as Chairman of the FCC during the Kennedy administration. Just as he did 50 years ago, I think Minow can improve the way we communicate as a nation. As technology changes and improves we need to re-evaluate the rules that allow them to operate. With the advent of the Internet comes a form of communication so free and expansive that it’s necessary to take preliminary measures to ensure our freedoms don’t get take away. This brings us to the first of six goals Minow tells us to consider while advancing our technology. We must make sure to expand freedom with technology to keep the inventions that deal with communication as free as possible. I agree with this because if you’re communicating a message, whether it be to one or one hundred people, then it is meant to and should be received. If you’re stifling my ability to communicate then you are essential violating my first amendment rights. Minows second goal is unclear to me, referring to a “swath of our electromagnetic spectrum” and how we should sell it to “extend and improve the benefits of education.” Minow wants to re-establish our education system as one of the best in the world. Who can argue with that? Minow’s third goal is useless in the light of Obama’s healthcare bill. Minlow calls for an advancement in telemedicine in everyday American life, as it’s used in our military. I guarantee there’s not a word about that in the proposed universal healthcare bill. Our leader wants everybody to have healthcare before we improve it. Our forth goal is to improve our emergency communications, as first responders were unable to communicate with each other during the September 11th attacks. Considering this happened twelve years ago, I would hope some one has already taken steps toward amending emergency communication technology. A lot has changed in the world of technology in twelve years. Unfortunately, I disagree with Minlow’s 5th goal. I do not think any more of my tax dollars need to go towards funding public radio and television, not in this deficit. I think the methods of communications we have in place now are more than ample enough, they just need a little regulation and directions. Lastly, Minlow feels we should provide political canidates with free airtime. Apparently Minlow didn’t turn on his TV during the last presidential debate. These politicians are NOT hurting for money. If they have enough people that support them, then they will never have difficulty communicating to the masses or receiving donations. I do not believe politicians are entitled to airtime on television because I see enough campaign advertisements as it is. If the presidential debates don’t provide enough time to communicate your message then you don’t need to be the president of this great nation.

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