Newton Minow’s Different Approaches Regarding Television

Newton Minow’s famous speech fifty years ago referring to television as “vast wasteland” at the National Association of Broadcasters was a controversial opinion. However his statement is right; there is an excess of violence, murder and sadism in television programming. Additional, I agree when he says television should have educational and cultural purposes. Although, it is hard to give an opinion questioning someone as Mr. Minow knowing his background as chairman of the FCC by President John F. Kennedy, an influential attorney in private practice concerning telecommunications law. He also has sat on the Board of Directors at several prestigious companies such Tribune Co., CBS, and Sara Lee Corporation among others, Minow has served on numerous presidential commissions. However, it is hard to agree with him when he considers necessary to auction “the valuable swath of our electromagnetic spectrum to send out signals that more than eighty per cent American household don’t need.” The twenty percent of public dependable in public broadcast television have the right to watch television for free. We do not need television to be a one hundred percent private company.
Another of Minnow’s commitment is to improve our health-care system, developing Telemedicine. “Telemedicine can be extremely beneficial for people living in isolated communities and remote regions and is currently being applied in virtually all medical domains.” Therefore, A doctor who is miles away can see a patient for a complete examination. Minow is the currently Chairman of the Board of the World Health Imaging, Telemedicine and Informatics Alliance. While Mr. Minow has very interesting ideas, he should still let the twenty percent of the public to enjoy free television .

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