What Would We Do Without Google?

This wonderful age we are living in has given a vast majority of students and others a possession like no other. Google has saved countless people who are in need of information in just a matter seconds. Not too long ago information took a lot of time to acquire. But now in the digital age, people can rely on Google being there no matter what time of day.

If anyone has been in the predicament of writing a research paper,  then it is no secret the first place to look for information is Google. Without it we would be stuck going to the library using precious time to look for a book with the correct information. Many of us who like to procrastinate would be in huge trouble unless we could find a library that is open 24 hours a day. That’s what Google basically is… a place open all day, every day, even National Holidays, with endless information available for the using. I know there have been times I’ve needed information for a research paper or another type of project and without Google I would have never been able to complete it.

My question is without Google, what would we do? And by Google, I also mean all the other internet search engines that we might come across. Would we be any less educated? Are we more educated now with Google than we were before without it? I know one thing I would have never made it through high school or the time I’ve spent in college without it. And for that I thank Google for the wonderful information it’s given at the blink of an eye.

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