Stepping Outside The Box: A Spin Off For The Walking Dead

The creators of the huge AMC show The Walking Dead are currently working on a spin off for the hit series. Much like the original, the spinoff will still be set in a zombie plagued world but the new angle will allow its creative directors to explore beyond the boundaries of the preexisting comic books. Although fans of the show may see this as a wonderful addition, everything in our entertainment universe tends to have its skeptics. In the past, occasional horror flicks were viewed as a rare and frightening source of entertainment. Today all we have to do is turn on the television to see a zombie graphically eating a human’s head off. As our entertainment becomes more extreme and the gore factor levels up, its attracted audience seems to become even younger. Is allowing a once graphic genre to spread on television acceptable just because it can form a mass following?

Although some may argue that there is a correlation between real life violence and what we watch on television, there has yet to be an accurate study conducted involving this potential pattern. Every individual reacts differently to the content they view. It is just as easy to say that programs such as The Walking Dead help conflict versus create it. These grotesque programs feature a plethora of violence and adult situations. They display death in a similar nature to that of a video game, entertaining and unimportant. Although these programs may not send picture perfect messages, television shows such as The Walking Dead showcase amazing visual technique and immersive style. Their creativity is undoubtedly off the charts and every detail amplifies innovative perfection.

Tuning your television on to watch violence and gore is a personal choice. Age appropriate ratings are displayed just like on any other program and parents now have the ability to set parental controls for their children’s protection. The trend of graphic programming continues to expand and its growth far from surprising. The Walking Dead has earned a spin off not only by attracting viewers but by creating a realm of well-designed adventure. It steps outside the box and breaks boundaries that no other successful program has done before. No one ever said that gory television wasn’t quality at its finest.

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