Still Trying to Get Out of That Winter Slump? Get Fit for Summer the Healthy Way!

It’s almost summertime and you know what that means…bathing suit season, well that’s what I have been hearing anyhow. When people talk about summer it seems like wearing a bathing suit is their only concern. This is a problem in our society. We are obsessed with how we look and we think that there is a certain way we need to appear in order to make others happy. However, this is so wrong. Yes, summertime does mean less clothing, but we are in Florida, isn’t it basically summer all year long? Regardless of the season there is no need to try and look your best in an unhealthy way. There are so many healthy ways to look and feel your best without having to starve yourself and workout an excessive amount. Right now, the current trend is clean eating, which is great and all, but you should never deprive yourself of the things you love most. Anything in moderation is okay, even if it’s a little piece of chocolate. Also, when people incorporate exercise into their daily routine they tend to feel better and less lethargic. A great way to get moving is to go for a walk or jog, even with a dog. I feel very fortunate that UCF has such an incredible gym; it has everything that a person could want from a fitness facility. There are also tons of online workout videos and smart phone apps that can be utilized, such as Something important to remember is to mix it up. People do not always realize that if you continue doing the same things everyday it won’t have the same effect on your body and this goes for eating too. One last thing, remember to get enough sleep! Stay fit, and have fun!

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