The Changing Future of Relationships

There seems to be nothing better than connecting with someone you care about. Getting lunch together, hanging out, watching a movie, or going to a concert are all common interactions with a friend. However, what if instead of being physically in the same place you were experiencing all of this virtually?

I am very skeptical towards the future of our relationships as we become more and more relied on the internet. Growing up in the era that I have and moving a lot throughout my life has given me the unique insight of experiencing how long-distance relationships have changed as technology has changed. Granted much of the successes and demises of various long-distance relationships also have other variables such as how old I was at the time or how close I was with people in that area. My most recent move was two years ago when I moved to Orlando from Tallahassee. This was the shortest distance I have moved compared to the three other moves I have experienced. Technology has allowed me to keep most of my relationships, for the most part, still strong and in tact.

The problem I have with some of our reading on the future of relationships turning to virtual and online platforms is that it makes it appear as if online and virtual will become the optimal way to build and keep a relationship. I could not disagree with this any stronger, every relationship I maintain online is only strengthened by the times we physically can be at the same place at the same time. There is something powerful about being together. Online interactions only come second-best to actually being able to be somewhere first-hand or interact face-to-face, in my opinion.

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