Summertime at the End of the Tunnel

Finals week. There is literally no sleep to be had, coffee is a must, and sweat pants and messy pony tails are completely and totally acceptable with no judgement. The only thing that gets college students past this week is SUMMER. It is literally the light at the end of the finish line. Summer time is vastly approaching people. We’re rounding out to the last two weeks of school and the only thing I have on my mind after finals is the beach, traveling, staying up late, and weeks of spontaneity coupled with good friends but there’s one thing getting in the way off all of that greatness and that thing is *drum roll please* MORE SCHOOL. Yes, although finals will be over and done with and summer will be the only thing on anyone’s mind, summer school seems to always make a huge unwanted splash in my glorious care free pool of summer and always will until my final days (graduation). On the bright side with taking classes over the summer you meet more people. Everyone seems more willing to work in group projects because we all want to get it over with and we only have six short weeks to do it. Summer classes are also pretty awesome  because your classes are smaller and teachers aren’t as strict as they normally would be in the Fall and Spring semesters.  At the end of the day you got to do what you have to do and after this is all over these summer classes will pay off into graduating sooner and snagging a great job and eventually its summer whenever you can get time off! Silver lining right?

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