To what extent should media expose the brutal truth!

So if anyone saw the news in the past week. You might have caught the Boston Marathon. And how there was unfortunately multiple bombings at the finish line. It seems like anywhere you turned you were constantly being informed and exposed of the issue. But not only were you being exposed on the issue but you were able to see raw footage from the bombings.

No limits were off, at that point is was chaos and it seems like we were just getting the feeds as they came. It reminded me alot about the 9/11 bombings. It was raw and real. Not saying that the media should hide things from the public. But should the public choose to see this or not. I mean, I can understand the defense that we are not forced to watch anything. But the fact that we can be flipping through channels and be exposed so quickly to something is a little bit excessive.

I do not think that these feeds should be played live or even minutes delayed. It was really shocking to see everything so close up. It was an intense situation which  alot of people agree was very sensitive to people going through these times. So what is too much? I think anything that a young adult could not see at the movies, should not be freely exposed on channels that they are allowed to watch. Children and elders are watching thses images and videos. Not everyone is ready nor cna handle all of this just exposed to them. In my opinion, I would like the option to suddenly see this “Breaking News.” I should not be able to freely be watching tv and suddenly be exposed to blood and bombings which are obviously unfiltered. Atleast a disclaimer. But no warning? Not so much for that matter.

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