Super Bowl 50 Worst Production in the Last 15 years!

Shawn Presley, Author

Before I begin to vent, I must admit that my perspectives are coming from a biased vantage point based on the fact that I am and will always be a Cam Newton supporter. With that said I must admit that I was highly disappointed at the entertainment, commercials, and overall production of Super Bowl 50 (SB50). Being that the Super Bowl falls on a milestone (50 years) I thought the NFL would certainly vamp and fund the production of the game.

First I think the NFL failed at having the Super Bowl played in San Diego, California, not that I have anything against the city but the fact that San Diego is nearly 3 hours behind the rest of the Country made the SB50 extremely weird that the first half was played during the day. Although the sentiment may seem a little weird, the Bowl party that I attended had sympathizers displaying the same feelings. The fact that most people spend Bowl Sunday in preparations for the game, preparing food, inviting/visiting friends, pregaming, etc. makes the event just “off” when the sun is up and the game is in full motion.

Furthermore, I must say, this has to be the most disappointing commercial display in the last 10 years (not as if Super Bowls 40 commercials were any better or worse, just trying to make a strong statement). In other words they were really really bad. Bowl commercials are notorious for being edgy, over the top, and downright borderline offensive, I mean its the Super Bowl; but the commercials were lame, bland, and just not that funny. Most of the commercials already aired on YouTube advertisements, I mean c’mon, $5 million dollar ad spots and nothing new or original from some of the worlds major corporations. But that’s not all.

The Half Time show was above average at best, I mean don’t get me wrong, the all star lineup was stellar, Beyonce, Cold Play, Bruno Mars, but the production was just not that good (I think a lot of it has to due with my earlier grievance of the game being played during the day, but it just didn’t do it for me). Overall the NFL really let down a lot of fans today in its sub par display of the Nations biggest sporting events, not to mention the team I was rooting for lost, that just made it worse.



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