How Long Should You Wait To Follow Up With Someone After Meeting Them Through Networking?

I had never thought of reaching out to someone I just met, because I would think that I would be bothering him or her. When in fact, they appreciate that I took the time to thank them for meeting me or just me telling them it was pleasure on getting to meet them. That’s makes me stand out, it shows my commitment on keeping a connecting with that person.

In today’s world it is all about whom you know. The more connections you have, the better off you will be. For example I am not sure where I will end up in 1 year when I graduate but I know for a fact that if I keep going out of my way to meet the right people in environment that I see myself in the future, I know I will have someone to contact and look for opportunities to work with them or someone the know.

Following up with something is so crucial to me now, because I feel that I am doing everything that’s in my hands, and sometimes they may not answer back but I’ll know that I did all I could. But when they do answer back, it is so rewarding because you get that immediate gratification of you wanting to connect with someone else. This is how they remember your name, what makes think that you have what it takes to go after what you want in a professional manner.

Now every time I meet someone, depending on how our conversation was, I write to him or her an email [that I get from asking for their business cards], I always try to mention details from our conversation because they might not remember me but this is the whole point on following up, so you make sure that they do remember you. But I try to give them so remarks from our conversation, most likely something they say and might have thought that wasn’t relevant, but I mention it to them so they realize, that I paying attention to all that they said. As soon as you give them that little detail, that’s how they will remember you, also seeing your name in the email.

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