What You Didn’t Know About Being A Good Driver

Did you know that you could receive a huge discount on your car insurance just for not having a ticket or accident in the last three years?  Even living in a qualified zip code could win you a discount!  Most people are unaware of this hidden ways to save money due to car insurance companies always wanting to leave us in the dark.

A new website that is similar to Expedia or Orbitz is here to help you find better insurance policies.  As Expedia or Orbitz will help you save money on travel and flights, Provide Savings helps you save money on car insurance.  What drivers don’t realize is that insurance companies make money on the premiums they sell.  The higher your rate, the more money the agent receives.  After reading an article about the service on Yahoo, I’ve realized that Provide Savings is one of the most unbiased, efficient services out there.  It gives consumers the lowest rates and their advice is trustworthy.

Provide Savings is also extremely easy to use!  Just visit their website, and simply click on your state to check your ZIP code.  After you enter your ZIP code and some driver information, you can view all of your discounted quotes from car insurance companies.

I found this article interesting because I have had some issues with insurance companies in the past.  I was in an accident when I was sixteen and I was dropped from my first insurance company.  I had to find a new one and was given an extremely high rate since I was a young driver with an accident on my record.  I did some research online and finally found a new company that didn’t care about my accident and gave me a much lower rate.  I think that if I would have had Provide Savings at this time, I would have found a new company much faster.

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