Super Bowl Winning QB, Russell Wilson, Due To Report To Texas Rangers Spring Training

News Photo: Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks celebrates with…

Yesterday evening Russell Wilson catapulted himself into the ranks of NFL royalty, in just his 2nd year becoming one of the youngest quarterbacks ever to win a Super Bowl. In order to do so he had to overcome one of the men on the proverbial quarterback Mt. Rushmore. Super Bowl XLVIII was a total rout, Seattle beat Denver down from the first snap to the last one and it was actually a little tough to watch. As much as I felt bad for Peyton, there was a part of me that couldn’t be more proud of Wilson. Aside from winning the Super Bowl against him, there’s another thing Russell has over Peyton Manning. Russell Wilson, former second basemen, has been drafted 3 different times by the MLB. Wilson got drafted out of high school to Baltimore Orioles in 2007, by the Colorado Rockies in 2010 while he was still in college, & last year by the Texas Rangers via the Rule Five draft. Although he is fresh off a championship victory and it would seem he is going to stick with his football career, he is still going to attend the Rangers Spring Training. He’s not likely to go any further than that but he will be paid about $12,000 for his time there. The Rangers want him to bring sort of a winning attitude and create a more productive environment with his presence. That sure is a heck of a way to boost morale and it comes with a lot of pluses for Wilson who gets to train & partake in baseball activities with some other professional athletes.

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