UCF On-Campus Restaurants Fail Health Inspections

Knightly News released documents provided by the Florida Department of Health show that UCF’s Marketplace has failed two routine health inspections in the past 10 months–including one in August, with 10 total violations.
Violations include dead bugs and roaches found in overhead lighting, food stored at more than 10 degrees the temperature it should be stored at, employees seen handling trash without washing their hands afterward and spoiled oranges found at the self-serve salad bar. KnightNews.com requested the documents after receiving multiple complaints by students regarding the quality of food at the meal-plan destination. Prior to the first failed health inspection of this year in February, there were no failed health inspections dating back as far as Fall 2010. The inspection in February resulted in half as many violations compared to the inspection in August.
Williams inspected the Student Union’s Qdoba Mexican Grill three times last year and once this year. The failed report from August shows soiled food storage containers, dirty boxes stored with food containers, toxins stored near food and electrical box leaks inside the walk-in cooler. The restaurant passed its most recent inspection in January.

Salsa 2 Go
Salsa 2 Go near the reflecting pond was inspected three times last year. The failed report from October shows improper food storage temperature and expired food manager certification. The manager of Salsa 2 Go has not commented on this issue, and the restaurant passed its most recent inspection in November.

Jimmy John’s
The sandwich vendor Jimmy John’s at Knights Plaza failed a health inspection in April. The report shows violations regarding food containers, food storage temperature and an issue with manager certification. The restaurant manager did not respond to attempts to reach him.

As previously reported, Marketplace was inspected five times last year; the restaurant passed three of its inspections in February, September and November, but the dining hall failed inspections in February and August of 2013.

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