Technology Is Taking Over Our Youth!

If our youth is the future then why are we hurting their chances to succeed?  I work as a part time server and it absolutely appalls me that parents bring Ipads and head phones to the dinner table and place their kids in zombie mode during “family time”, whatever happened to good old crayons? Now parents seem to think that sticking kids in front of the TV will make their life easier but what they don’t realize is that the amount of exposure they have can effect their brain development.

There has been scientific evidence that proves that children that watch Television for more than one hour a day, have less developed parts of the brain. I have little siblings and I am astonished how teachers allow children in first and second used calculators, this is the reason why kids cant do simple math. Studies show that an active individual is more alert and ready to focus in school, students however are becoming lazier because less physical education is being encouraged by their parents.

We are seeing our society spiral downward as we are becoming robot. The days where we were encouraged to think individually and to go out and explore and find our own solutions to our problems are long gone, we have technology to thank for that. As young children they should be encouraged to look for their own answers and solve their own problems because soon enough they will find out that at one point or another life will hit you and you are on your own.

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