Tallahassee crash leaves three South Floridians dead

Three young adults were killed over the long weekend in a T-bone crash in Tallahassee, Florida. Police identified the victims as Morgan Carr, 21 Vincenzo Libio, 22 and Kevin Boos, 21 all from South Florida.

They were all passengers in a white Chrysler PT cruiser which was being driven by a friend, Nikolas Bonilla, age 20. The car was struck broadside by a Challenger at 9:15 Sunday evening.

Boos was declared dead at the scene. Carr and Libio, graduates of Taravella High School in Coral Springs and also dating since middle school, passed away at the hospital, police reported.

The driver of the challenger was taken to the hospital for injuries but nothing major. Police are still continuing the investigation.

Lately I feel like I’ve been seeing so many reports on drunk driving accidents and texting while driving accidents and it’s really surreal. Looking down for one second to send a meaningless text can cause you or someone else their own life. Not to mention if you’ve had any type of alcoholic beverage it baffles me how people can be so stupid and careless as to get in their car.

I know this car accident story is different and completely not their fault, but still. It deeply saddens me to hear about three young adults losing their life so soon .

I hope everyone continues to drive carefully.



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