Technology: Ally or Foe?

People tend to rave about the greatness of technology, but is it really worth all the hype?  Sure it helps make everyday tasks easier.  It has allowed for speedier communication, home and portable entertainment, and even has the potential to decrease our use of natural resources.  However, every good thing comes at a price.


As telephones modernized, the number of telephone operating positions declined.  The rise of the internet has only increased the damage television began on the newspaper industry.  E-Readers are taking the place of books, which will put employees at publishing companies out of work.  This may even cost us our good old fashion libraries.


Arcades are losing business, because the average person now has at least one video gaming device in their home.  Blu-rays are taking over DVDs, which took over VCRs, and all are affecting the movie theater industry.   IPods are replacing CDs, which has impacted the music industry.


All of the ease and prestige of technology may sound nice, and in part, it is.  However, technology and job loss seem to come hand-in-hand.  So, would you say that technology is worth it?  Perhaps if you were a developer or machinist you would, but not if you were the factory worker who is now unemployed.


Another con of increased technology is laziness.  People no longer have to do manual labor in some positions.  Now, their job consists of pushing a button and watching the machine do all of the work.  Let’s not forget about impatience.  It has been said time and time again that we live in a world of now.  Technology is to blame for this.  Due to its speed, people now want everything with quickness.  Yes, technology in itself is a wonderfully intelligent tool.  However, some aspects of its cost are troublesome.

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