Expectations of the Past’s Future, 2012

As I effortlessly type on my lovely 2011 Toshiba laptop, I can only imagine what computers were like twenty years ago. Around the year I was born. The HD-projected, user-friendly, light-weight piece of machinery is probably incomparable to the first Macintosh “Lisa” model– huge in size, pixelated projection, low-performance speed, and small RAM memory (if any). But when computers began grasping the public’s attention in the early-mid nineties, they only took a few years to become a necessary part of our society. People viewed them as the future of technology, and rightfully so. However, people began thinking that, with all the technological advancements of computers over the last decade, that the jobs which involved computers would be less easy to come by these days.

Years ago, it was the belief of many people that by now (2012), jobs that involved computers would be obsolete because the computers would be taking over such jobs. The same people thought that because of the growth in computer processing and other technological advancements that there would be less jobs in every industry. But they were quite wrong. Instead, the growth of technology and capacity of computers has created more jobs. And it makes sense (to me, at least) because the more we grow in any industry, the more jobs will open. For example, if a new computer program is released in the medical field– one that instantly verifies the amount of medicine needed for a person of x-amount of weight– there will be several new jobs created: Programmers, who will most likely expand their team once the program takes off and work to update/perfect it, sales reps for both the hospitals and the company, and product-review authors.

After reading about the technological advances in America, and what people expected the industry to be like today, I’ve come to realize that as things progress or grow, they will always need helping-hands to maintain them. So, maybe it’s a good thing that we strive for the very best when it comes to technology.

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