Technology as a Bridge in Today’s Society

Technology is such a powerful force in society, there are so many uses and applications for the technology being invented that it’s so easy to get overwhelmed. With so many ideas on how technology can or should be used it never ceases to surprise me how diverse the applications of technology can be in our lives.

One of the applications of technology that has always excited me personally, was how technology can be used to serve as a bridge in society. Meaning, geography is not a limitation when it comes to the sharing of ideas or personal interaction with one another.

It is so easy to stay in touch with friends or co-workers without being in the same location, let alone the same country. This has an impact both professionally and socially for everyone. New jobs have been created that do not require you to be in the same location, which allows a greater number of people to apply to the jobs. The domino effect this creates, is the increasing competitive nature of today’s job market. Truly, the best and brightest are all competing for today’s top jobs. In my opinion, this is a good thing because competition strengthens everyone involved.

On the flip side, technology serving as a bridge in society also has a great impact socially on our lives. Skype, Facebook, Instant Messaging, and E-mail all allow us to stay connected in real-time with someone when we cannot physically be with them. Growing up alongside the advancement of technology, this has always fascinated me. I moved around a lot as I grew up, and as I got older and as technology got more advanced the rate at which I actually kept in touch with friends greatly increased.

Technology allows us to share our lives with a larger number of people, which in return makes the world seem like a much smaller place.

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