The Positives of a Open World Wide Web

To be honest I did not know there was a difference between the internet and the web for quite a while.  From what I have learned the Internet is a medium which accompanies the World Wide Web.  The internet is a world of interconnected computers and networks that allow one person’s computer to connect engage and share with other computers.  The internet is made up and communicates through many different protocols.  Unlike the World Wide Web which engages with one protocol; the HTTP or hyper text transfer protocol).  I find this very interesting because for something so intricate and engaging it only has one language to communicate every aspect of itself.

However the World Wide Web isn’t as simple as it may seem.  It is very complicated within itself and shouldn’t be taken for granted ever.  The World Wide Web uses its protocol to transmit data and makes use of things known as browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome, to access Web pages linked to one another by hyperlinks. (  Aside from the webs make up, the convenience of the web is the freedom it gives people and the openness to many websites and information.  The web allows for option and isn’t limited by price or compensation.  Who knows how long the web will be available at such a convenient freeness.  I love that I can hop on my phone or laptop at any time and simply access the web without having to pay a charge.  Although some websites do cost money, there are options from competitors that are usually free.  Having choice is a particular benefit that is important not to take for granted.  Although I have no plan to make a website of my own the option and availability to do so for no cost is a great incentive of the World Wide Web.   Overall it is important to keep in mind that the openness of the web offered now may not be here tomorrow.

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