Technology Does Not Let Anyone Be Alone Anymore

People are afraid of being alone. Technology now allows people always to be connected with others. Being connected can have so many different meanings too. For example, someone could be on the phone, texting, or even stalking someone on Facebook. People don’t like silence. It is hard to be alone when the world has become so intertwined. One day without a phone, the internet, or the television would nearly kill people. However, some people do want a break from the fast pace world we live in. I know for certain that sometimes I don’t want my phone near me because I need a break. I like the peace and quiet. I think we all need some relaxation like that where no text noise can bother us. In the text The End of Solitude, the girl sent 3,000 texts in a month. Something needs to be done about this because nobody should be that consumed in the digital world. Kids, especially now, need to learn how to entertain themselves without the help of technology. They need to learn what they like to do outdoors and play sports. I know when I was young and my sisters and I got bored, we didn’t turn to the computer or the television, we went outside and played with toys. I think that people need alone time with just themselves because it is healthy. I am not degrading technology because I think it’s great; however, it needs to be proportioned and controlled. People need be able to be alone sometimes because it will inevitably happen.

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