With Technology, We Are Never Alone

With all of the hustle and bustle of today’s society, it is only natural that we seek our alone time.  But how much of that time are we actually alone?  The reality is almost never.  Consumed by the use of social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, even when physically by ourselves, we are constantly being connected and interacting with others.  The need to check tweets, update statuses, and share photos with others is all-encompassing and is slowly diminishing our ability to function completely alone.

How often do you check your phone throughout the day?  Personally, my phone never leaves my side and I am constantly checking it at least every 20 minutes.  It is an addiction that if not satisfied leaves you feeling alienated, alone, and disconnected from the world.  Whether you are doing homework, reading a book, or just watching television, technology is all around you, providing unlimited access to a variety of connectivity.  In essence, we are never without a means of seeking company.

I have always been an independent person and need my alone time to relax, think, and get away from the craziness of my everyday life.  Recently, however, I have found myself seeking less and less alone time.  There is always this need to know what everyone else is doing and what is going on in the world.  We find ourselves living vicariously through others and them through us.  As humans, our instinct is to belong and to feel a part of something.  Technology helps us achieve that need within us.  So with that being said, are we alone?  I guess it depends on how you define alone, but if we face reality, the answer is simple: No, we are never truly alone.

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