Technology: For Better or For Worse

It is an understatement to say that technology has simply changed the world. The developments that have come from new inventions has greatly shaped the lives we live today; to the point that they each become a normal element in our everyday activity. All the innovations we have today (cars, computers, cellphones, printers, navigation systems, etc.), and times are still going to keep changing and revolutionizing. Neil Postman describes 5 things he feels that people all around the world need to accept about technological change. The first expresses that as much as technology gives us, it also takes some aspects away. I have to agree with the example that the author provides about cars. Automobiles have made our lives much more convenient and fast moving, but I am definitely a believer in keeping our environment clean. Whenever I am in traffic, looking at the dozens of cars around me and the occasional gust of black air that comes out of a trucks mufflers, I cannot help but  feel that we are truly harming our surroundings. The second idea is that technology improves some lives, but at the same time, hurts others. The third brings in the fact that inventions bring with them, a variety of powerful ideas. Technological innovation creating a dramatic ecological change is what the fourth element explains. Finally, the fifth idea describes that developments ultimately become natural, as if they were meant to be and not a result of human creativity. I did a lot of thinking as I read this article. It is true that technology can make people change their views on a particular subject, for they are listening to very powerful opinions. Also, each innovation greatly alters our lives, negatively and positively. In the end, individuals will continue to strive everyday to enhance civilization.

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