Real World Reality is Lost Through Technologies Distractions.

With all the advancements of technology and inventions, it seems that the up and coming generation of the new millennium are losing sense of real world reality. Smart phones, laptops, video games and television are all mediums that are overtaking the imagination of children in this day and age as well as adults. In today’s world it seems as though we are no longer seeking friends. The only friends we need are our electronic devices.

Because of social networks we have become more anti social as far as face to face interactions. We’re most comfortable behind our computer and phone screens. Cyber relationships have become the new rage. Take the new hit show CatFish for example. This show examines individuals who are involved in relationships via internet where they only communicate through text messages, pictures, social networks and phone calls. Never actually meeting their significant others in person, these individual soon realize that the person they have been intimate with behind the screen of their devices are not who they pretend to be. It’s scary to think that our generation has so much trust in these social networks and technologies that they risk the chance of sharing their personal life with complete strangers.

The importance of sense of touch is lost through this medium of technology.  We are so confined in communicating through words and pictures that seeing is no longer believing. Due to the advancements of new age technologies, pictures are no longer a simple justification. Now that we can screenshot, copy and paste just about anything on the web; it’s easy to become whoever you want to be. Technology is no doubt a revolution that will continue to grow. But within this growth we as people need not to lose sight any further when it comes to reality. And the reality is we need to be our own judges when it comes to personal matters. This dependency of technology is getting out of hand.

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